Ample Solar is an Independent Power Producer (IPP), whose objective is to develop, operate, maintain and own; profitable solar generation facilities that distribute green electricity to the national grid. On the main, here in South Africa, we set out to achieve this objective through the Department of Energy’s Renewable Energy Producer Procurement Programme (REIPPP), which is determined by the department Minister on an on-going basis.

We are established in the sunny Northern Cape Province of South Africa, where much of the country’s green energy will be produced from, in line with government’s plans to harness the ample benefits of the sun’s energy to feed the ever increasing needs of households, industrials, commercial and mining entities in our growing economy.

As a company, apart from the imperative of being profitable, our business is also very much about improving the lives of people, particularly those from historically disadvantaged backgrounds, as is the case with the majority in the Northern Cape and other parts of South Africa. In this regard, our strength lies in the close working relationship we have established with local communities in our project areas, with a view to creating sustainable jobs, equity participation, as well as skills and enterprise development opportunities for them.

Because we believe in the unbundling power of strategic partnerships, we are confident that working together as different role players in the solar industry, we can build a great future for our business and for our people through green energy.