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Thabong Solar Farm

Gold and Agriculture
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Thabong means a place of happiness in Southern Sotho; the farm will be situated in Uitkyk just outside Welkom in the Free state. Renewable energy is a source that is helping alleviate the transformation of electrical power generation from coal to a more natural source, which is the sun.

The farm is named after Thabong, the township that was established in the years of oppression and was meant for black people and to accommodate people who worked in the richest mines of goldfields. The township is filled with diversity of people who mainly came from various counties like Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, etc. to work in mines of Goldfields.

Thabong solar farm will be operating in the new era where it is not about segregation and oppression but economic emancipation of the oppressed.


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Lebone Solar Farm

logo_lebone 555x311Gold and Agriculture

Lebone in Tswana and Sotho mean light. Lebone Solar farm will bring natural light through electrical generation. The solar farm itself is situated in Onverwag Vaalkranz,Welkom near Gold mines. Gold contributed significantly to the economic growth of South Africa with infrastructure such as transmission lines, roads, hospitals and houses etc.

Lebone is situated in an area where grid connectivity is not an issue. However, due to the fertility of the land and numerous agricultural activities, developmental land is limited. This development is a rare opportunity that will enable prosperity of area not only through gold production but also energy generation.


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Ba Ga Motlhware Solar Farm

logo_bagamotlhware 555x311Pure Manganese & Iron Ore

Batlharo are commonly known as Bahurutshe or Batsweneng in terms of their tribe. Like Batlhaping they are also Batswana and therefore actively traded during the Iron Age. They inhabit the traditional land that is within close proximity to amongst the world’s biggest manganese and iron-ore deposits. Indeed the Ba-ga Motlhware Solar farm will afford the tribe an opportunity trade in solar power whether through selling directly to the mines or DoE Independent Power Producer Programme.


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Metsimatala Solar Farm

logo_metsimatala 555x311The Iron & Precious stone

In history Batswana are regarded as the so-called Bantu speaking people who moved from North Africa downwards to the South. During the Iron Age they had an impeccable record of trading in gold and iron for survival. Batlhaping tribe in Metsimatala is situated in the area that is surrounded by massive Iron Ore, Lime and Diamond deposits and as a result huge mining activities.

The solar farm will provide this community with an opportunity to revive their Iron-Age trading skill through selling sustainable alternative energy. Metsimatala is an ideal area for energy generation due to its impressive Direct Normal Irradiation (DNI) and close proximity to mines, which undoubtly will be instrumental in limiting transmission losses.


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Xun & Khwe Solar Farm

logo_xunkhwe 555x311The Rock Art & Indigenous

In ancient times the spiritual beliefs and practices of the indigenous were encapsulated through rock art. The San people have for many years relied on natural means for their everyday way of life; and the respect for the environment and nature was of paramount.

The solar farm that will consist of concentrated solar and photovoltaic power will therefore bode well with the culture of the Xun & Khwe that revolve around nature and not distracting the environment. The solar farm will be a source of income for the indigenous people who are classified as amongst the highly marginalized communities in Southern Africa.


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