At Ample Solar, our prime focus is on building a portfolio of sustainable and profitable solar farms through strategic partnerships with local and global firms actively involved in the solar energy generation sector. Our approach is to invest in proven technologies that are backed by reputable financial institutions globally, and also recognised by world-class research laboratories.

We are a company that is defined by The Green Agenda and other critical global issues. As such, in ensuring that our business is part of the bigger address on the perpetual and disturbing issue of climate change, we have resolved to employ only environmentally friendly and advanced solar technologies in our business.

Operationally, what we do is secure suitable land locally (and abroad) that has viable solar resources and is within close proximity to the distribution/ transmission infrastructure with grid connectivity. Then, through the expertise of competent professionals in the field of solar energy, we ensure that projects reach Bankable Feasibility Stage (BFS) and financial close. All things considered, our choice favors Engineering Procurement Contract (EPC) companies with good track record in constructing and commissioning solar facilities that can yield guaranteed performance over the 20-25 year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) lifespan with the government of South Africa.

For us, a transparent and flexible business approach is what creates an enabling and conducive environment for investors and technical partners to merge their respective visions with ours, particularly those coming from abroad whom often have little or no concrete knowledge of the South African political, economic, social and geographic structure.

Further afield, on-going research has revealed some good developments on various solar technologies, as well as exciting business opportunities for power plants in growing African economies such as Tanzania, Kenya, Angola and Ghana. With the right strategic partnerships, the future is leading there for Ample Solar, but for now, all the right reasons are here at home in South Africa.